Design aesthetics

Most folks doing conversions are looking for a camper. We were looking for more of a full-time, high-quality home, so we laid out some guidelines early on to guide our material selection during the planning process.

  • We selected bamboo veneer as our primary visible wood surface for cabinets. It’s very hard and scratch resistant, dimensionally stable in a high humidity environment and has a pleasing, regular grain.

  • The walls and ceiling are 1/4" Okume marine ply, painted white. Although we were tempted by the beautiful wood grain cabin look of a lot of DIY builds, we will be living in this full time, and were looking for a feeling of spaciousness and light. So white paint it is.

  • The floor is an easy to clean and water impermeable continuous vinyl sheet product. On top of that is a small Persian area rug - which means that very little of the vinyl floor will actually be visible.

  • Fridge, sink, and stove are stainless.

  • Lots of light! In addition to the driver’s compartment windows, we have the two factory rear windows, two 36” slider windows on each side of the bed, and two 40” sliders over the galley and sliding door.

  • LED strip lighting for indirect lighting, LED puck lights for task lighting

  • Ample storage to keep clutter to a minimum.